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Green Island Tourism 

Green Tourism and Sustainable Small Islands Development
(SSID) initiative is a top choice destination for millions of tourists each year. Their special geographical situation and their natural and cultural heritage richness make them unique for visitors, but at the same time, confront them with a number of challenges and vulnerabilities.

Serene, peaceful and beautiful 


Age of Tropical Rainforests. When the earth was much warmer, 240 million years ago, the ancient “coal forests” of primitive non-vascular plants died out and the succeeding forest, mainly tropical, consisted of ferns, conifers, cycads and other lesser-known groups evolved..

Taman Negara has a total area of 4,343 km2 and has a reputation as the world's oldest deciduous rainforest, estimated to be more than 130 million years old.

Despite the reputation, the title of "oldest tropical rainforest" more accurately belongs to the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland, Australia, estimated to be between 135 million years old and 180 million years old.


The Amazon rainforest has been in existence for at least 55 million years,.


Whereas THE MACHINCHANG CAMBRIAN GEOFOREST PARK (510-550 Million years old) - Langkawi: First UNESCO National Geo park in South-East Asia.

About The Island

• Safi Island @ historical name is Jemuruk Island (Graveyard of the oldest life form in the country).

• Presence of trace Fossils of Dictyodora, Chondrites, Neonereites, Monorphichnus & Dimotphicnus (Lee, 1983’ Leman 2003; Lee 2006)

• Untouched Knowledge on marine Mineral Deposit & Fossilized Bacteria.

• Oldest Tropical Rain Forest in the World. 

• The only island on the northern side which is privately owned, overlooking the Andaman Ocean, the Sunset and the Thai Islands.